alessio riggi
Alessio Riggi
Creative Director OneManAgency GmbH Innsbruck\​Rome


I met the Haibun team in Costa Rica for a BNL production when I was creative director of TBWA Italia. Fabrizio Russo had already spoken to me about them in glowing terms. It was clear from the outset that they were going to get the job: we had to shoot by the sea and in the jungle and they were the only ones to provide a precise quote with a single location where we could find everything, waterfall included. And they were meticulous throughout, no mistakes or hiccups, not even when we had to find a shirt for the actress in the middle of the jungle. I have also worked with them on other occasions. And it was the same each time. There is another important factor: Cesare is always very direct and sincere, also with his clients. It is an approach that I appreciated from the word go.

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