about us
About us

                              Over 20 years of Haibun’s history in just 200 seconds.
A Case History that explains who we are, what we have done and how we have done it.

Haibun is a production company that was founded by Cesare Fracca and Silvia Blosi in 1995. It is a market leader in the advertising and communications sector and specialises in the production of high quality and high-profile TV commercials.

Over the course of its 20 years in the business, Haibun has carried out productions for an array of leading companies and communications agencies.

We were under 30 when we founded Haibun but we already had 10 years of experience behind us, and since the outset we have strived to instil our company with all of the enthusiasm, professionalism and passion we have for our work.

Our versatility, creativity and ability to find solutions to all of the challenges that this profession often throws up are qualities that we sought to encapsulate in our name: Haibun is a Japanese word used to identify a specific type of poetry that derives from Haiku. A haibun summarises the text of a Haiku using as few words as possible while maintaining its meaning and characteristics. A concentration, a reduction that homes in on the underlying sense of the poem using the shortest and simplest terms possible.

Exactly the same process used when making a television commercial where you have just a few seconds to transmit an emotion, a series of concepts, a message.

For us Haibun is the art of saying and doing complex things in a simple way.

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