what our clients say
What our clients say

Riccardo Robiglio
Direttore Creativo Esecutivo RED - Robiglio & Dematteis


For us at RED, Cesare and his group are consultants and not just suppliers.
We trust them because they are good people before being excellent professionals.
They know how to deal with delicate or complicated situations, they understand the implications of communication and know the job of building brands. Without arrogance and with a smile on his lips.

Rino Drogo
Head of communications Fiat Lancia 
I met Cesare Fracca as a young man, at the start of my career. It was on a Toyota set, about 20 years ago. Nowadays I regard Cesare as a friend first and a supplier second. We have a direct, frank and sincere relationship. This is another reason I feel relaxed when I work with him and his production company, because Cesare is one of the most honest, precise and punctual people I know.
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Carlo Noseda
Managing Partner M&C Saatchi
It was one of the first ones I worked with as a young man. At the time it was already a fine production company or, as a very dear client for whom we worked together a lot preferred to call it, a wonderful “production farm”.
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Agostino Toscana
Executive creative director Saatchi & Saatchi 
Cesare and I began together: I was a young art director when he was a young producer at Pirella. We have a direct and light-hearted relationship. But Cesare is like that with everyone, he is a man that loves good ideas and he also transmits this passion to those that work with him.
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Vincenzo Celli
Creative director Armando Testa
When you think of Haibun you think of Cesare Fracca. He immediately puts you at ease. He is precise, pragmatic and always ready to find solutions. He rolls up his shirt sleeves and also those of his jacket. He is always very approachable and he understands the objectives of creativity.
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Alessandro Sabini
Executive creative director McCann Ericsson, Italy
The first film I made with Cesare Fracca was a Honda Jazz shot in Spain. That was over six years ago. I remember how he surprised me with his new approach to direction: instead of one of the usual names he proposed an American director of video clips who turned out to be very good. Since then I have always worked well with him because he speaks a contemporary language.
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Viviana Barozzi
Head of Communications Edison Energia
The most recent Edison commercial was the first time we had worked with Haibun, who we chose also after speaking with other production companies.
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Alessandro Pietralunga
Marketing manager Golden Lady
I discovered our friends at Haibun in 2001 during a tender for Omsa also involving other well-known production companies: I was immediately struck by the solidity they demonstrated in every situation. 
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Alessio Riggi
Creative Director OneManAgency GmbH Innsbruck\​Rome
I met the Haibun team in Costa Rica for a BNL production when I was creative director of TBWA Italia. Fabrizio Russo had already spoken to me about them in glowing terms. It was clear from the outset that they were going to get the job: we had to shoot by the sea and in the jungle and they were the only ones to provide a precise quote with a single location where we could find everything, waterfall included.
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