We are a full-service commercial production company. Our work begins as soon as an idea is written down or illustrated on a storyboard and concludes with the broadcasting of the commercial.
The production of a commercial is made up of the following stages:
  • Assessment of the script/storyboard - evaluation of directors proposed in terms of style and costs:
In this first phase we primarily concentrate on identifying which director on the national and international panorama is most suitable for carrying out the shoot in the style and with the specific skills outlined in the storyboard/script. Our director search department begins selecting and contacting the most suitable directors right away.

The director search department is constantly updated on the global panorama of commercial directors and dedicates a lot of its time to updating and viewing the showreels of directors from all over the world. As a result, selection and contact times are reduced to an absolute minimum.
Once 2 or 3 suitable directors have been identified that are available on the requested dates, they are presented to the client. More specifically, the director’s most significant and recent works are presented to the client as part of what we call the showreel.

Once we have chosen, together with the client, the director that best fits with the requirements of the project, we draft, with the director’s help, a quote of the production costs which includes all expenses necessary to produce the film right through to its broadcasting. Once the quote is completed it is presented to and discussed with the client for their eventual approval. It is important to stress that once approved the quote is regarded as final, i.e. it will not change for any reason, either positively or negatively, during the production process.

It is our responsibility to anticipate all possible eventualities and production problems, protecting the client from any unforeseen circumstances. Changes will only be made to the quote during the production process if additional requests are made and, in any case, only after these have been quantified and presented to the client for approval.
  • Pre-Production:
Once the quote has been approved the preparation phase begins and this involves:

- setting the shoot dates
- establishing the members of the crew and the technical materials required for the shoot
- casting the characters
- selecting possible locations and/or creating sets
- preparing everything required for the project.
  • Pre Production Meeting - PPM
Once preparations have been completed a meeting is held with the client to view all the material and make all the choices that will shape the production. During this meeting the cast is chosen together with the clothing of the actors, the location and the sets, and all of the film’s scenes are defined and approved in detail.
  • Shooting
The shoot is always the most demanding phase, but also the most exciting. Every scene approved in the PPM is shot under the supervision of the client, who closely watches each one on a special monitor.
  • Offline post-production
Once the shoot is finished the film is edited by the director and the editor and a semi-definitive offline edit is produced. During this phase the sequence and the length of the scenes are finalised with the client and this stage is only complete when all of the established requisites have been satisfied.
Any eventual post-production special effects, light and colour corrections or other editing processes are not yet present.
  • Online post-production
Once the offline edit has been approved, the lights and colours in every single scene are corrected, the audio mix is finalised and any post-production special effects are implemented. Once these actions have been completed the film is presented to the client once more for their final approval.
Our work concludes with the sending of the final film to all of the broadcasters chosen by the client for the release of the communication.